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| N E W S |
DHF affilliates the Capsized Smiles have
begun recording their yet unnamed halloween
EP. it is to feature "The Light Bringer vs.
The Starless Hoards" , "Human Fly", "Birth
of an Angel", "Monster Hero Revolution",
"Spider Town", and "Issei Sagawa".

| O L D N E W S |
Grunge Band to play secret grunge gig
290907. Contact us for instructions.

Albumen Records work with DHF to release two
works by Ignatz Hoch, Nagasaki (ALB002) and
3am Blacked Out (ALB005). [.]

DHF representative to organise free gig
031107 at the Shaftesbury in Archway, London.
to play are (in alphabetical order):
the Abominable,
the Capsized Smiles,
College Boy Commie,
Edward Fornielis,
An Empty Orchestra,
and Hestia Peppe,

The Frankenorphans play on raft at
Indian Summer Fete. 090907 at the
Wallis Gallery. [.]

The Frankenorphans currate the opening
of What They Ccould Do They Did.
Details here [.]

The Frankenorphans play
a secret party for Lady Purple.
Contact us for instructions.