Binary information is usually made up of long series of 0s and 1s. A
microscopic absence followed by a microscopic presence. This is the form
of information found on audio CDs. When a digital copy is made of the
information on a CD, the code in the original and the copy are exactly
the same. If a copy is made of a this first copy, the code found on the
second copy will not only be exactly the same as the first copy but also
the original. All the presences still present and all the absences still

Sound is measured in the ear by a fine membrane (the Eardrum), that moves
slightly when pieces of air bump it. This membrane then creates electrical
impulses that are recorded in the brain. Most air found between this
membrane and a stereo speaker will not be exactly the same one time as
it will another. Absolute Zero (0 K) is the temperature at which molecules
nearly stop moving, in order to get the same exact sound move through air
twice one would imagine that, among other things, it would have to take
place at this temperature. Living things do not live at this temperature.
In this sense life is dependant on constant inconsistency.

Something Always Happens. Made a long chain of copies of copies of copies
of a CD with one song, Heaven [.] by Talking Heads. These were then passed
out and around. Some have been listened to.

There was once a time that everyone spoke the same, and before that there
was a time when all words all meant exactly what they meant, and there
was a fruit. The words said the fruit was not to be eaten, and then a
ghost with a snake ate the fruit, and then words became ghosts and the
ghost became a woman, able to die and change and live.